Thursday, February 26, 2009

#31 Foodgasmic

Have you ever had a foodgasm? It's that feeling one gets after biting, licking or slurping something so yummy, so wonderful, so extraordinary that you close your eyes and groan. Over the years, I've been privy to a number of whispered tales of "gasmic" experiences, but sadly, my role was as a voyeur and confident. I was a foodgasm virgin. I had never succumbed to that overwhelming "oh-my-god-I'll never-get-enough-of-this" feeling.... until about 6 years ago.

Before I get into how I lost my 'foodginity', I need to share some personal facts about myself. I used to smoke. Besides it being a habit [and terrible and disgusting], I smoked to keep my weight down. A cigarette was my dessert. Instead of eating something sweet at the end of a meal, I'd light up in lieu of a slice of chocolate cake or a brownie. You get the idea - I traded my chocolate addiction for a puff and suck on a cancer stick.

About eighteen years ago, Marc and I moved in together, and it was on that day that I had my last cigarette. Life was good, and because I knew Marc would never order dessert for himself, I wasn't tempted to order one for me. And when I really felt like I wanted something, I'd either have coffee or order a dessert and have a bite or two. Don't get me wrong. I didn't give up desserts or chocolate, but I found that just a bite or two of something sweet was all I needed to satisfy me. Sometimes Marc had a bite, but most often not. He never ate dessert. And surprisingly, I have had absolutely no desire for a cigarette since that day 18 years ago.

Now, onto my Deflowering

Six years ago Marc and I went out to dinner with 2 other couples. During the meal the waiter walked over and told us that if we wanted to order the chocolate souffle we needed to put the order in then so that it would be ready by the end of our meal. The two other couples, having had this dessert before, told us that we had to try it. It was decided that a souffle would be ordered for each couple to share. The souffles arrived and as I cut into ours, this warm, dark chocolate goo started to flow out. By the way, did I mention that a dollop of vanilla ice cream was slowly melting on top? Ok, so I mixed a bit of cake with some ice cream and took a bite. OMG!!!! So this is what the girls had been talking about. I closed my eyes and swirled the warm chocolate and cool vanilla in my mouth and had my first foodgasm. As I came back to awareness, I took a quick furtive look around the table to see if anyone could tell what had just happened to me. At this point, Marc leans over and says to me, "that good, huh?'. I must have groaned out loud for he then plunged [can you believe this is G-rated?] his spoon in and took a taste. After that, we dueled fork and spoon for the rest of the 3 minutes that the souffle lasted. It was so good, that even my non-dessert eating husband couldn't resist.

Since that night, I have, on occasion, had the pleasure of sharing other molten lava cakes with Marc and other friends. However, I have to admit, that although each one has been pretty wonderful, not one of them has ever caused that same hot flush, nor intense feeling of abandon, nor carried me to the heights of ecstasy as that of my first.

Quote of the Day: If it's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it." ~Julia Child

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