Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#59 What Do Ed Rendell and I Have in Common?

What do Governor Ed Rendell and I have in common? A whole lot, it seems!!

First and foremost, we both love Starbuck's ice cream. I'm not sure which flavor calls his name, but JAVA CHIP sure screams mine. This is a smooth coffee-flavored ice cream with the most amazing tasting chocolate chunks. Cool and creamy used to be my "company of choice" when I had myself a personal pity session. Notice, however, that those previous sentences were written in the past. Thankfully [NOT!], Starbucks stopped selling their ice cream in pints. Although I didn't want to end my relationship with JC, I realized that there was no way I could bring a quart of Java Chip into my house. I mean, my poor heart couldn't deal with both the caffeine [it is REAL coffee ice cream] and the sugar in the amounts necessary to console myself. Plus, the screaming from the freezer would have been too much for me to ignore.

Second, we both have a weight problem. Granted, his is a little bigger, but a problem is a problem. As have I, he too has battled the belt buckle. In the Philadelphia Inquirer article, we learn that big Ed has been dieting by cutting his portions in half. It's obviously working, since he shares that he's lost 40 pounds so far. I think this is great. Sticking to this diet or any restriction of food can be really difficult -- so kudos to him! Who knows, by the time this babble comes out he could be well on his way to a 50 pound weight loss. I'd say he's a good role model for taking one's health seriously and for the citizens of Philadelphia. Although the City of Brotherly Love has dropped to #20 on the list of fattest cities in the country, it once had the dubious distinction of being #2. Which brings me to number three.

Three, we both live in Pennsylvania, and when he was mayor, we both lived in Philadelphia. Ok, so he's famous and I'm not, and he now lives in the governor's mansion and not a money sucking 250 year old constantly-needing-work-money-pit, but we're still in the same state. I wonder though, if his house has an elevator? I should tell him to read Babble #29 where he can learn about the caloric benefits of having to run up and down stairs. During the summer of '94, Ed and I both belonged to the same swim club. Let me be honest here -- I have never in my whole entire life said [or even thought] that I looked good in a bathing suit....ever. However, compared to Governor Rendell, and I can only speak for that summer, I looked amazing. Wow, that felt good.

Four, he loves his family and they love him. How do I know this? In the Inquirer article, he tells us that he decided to lose weight for them. He said his wife and son were dropping not-so-subtle hints about how they would like to see him stick around a little longer, and as his wife put it, [I'm paraphrasing] you don't see too many fat 80-year old men out there. Well, my family never gently nor strongly hinted that I needed to lose weight, but they could see that I was wearing some extra poundage. Although Eds family support was vocal, my family knew that a more quiet - we're here for you if you need us - approach would be a better way to support me. My response to, "do you really need that?" is not pleasant.

I guess the last thing we have in common is that we both no longer visit "that" freezer section at our local supermarkets. I can't be sure about by buddy Ed, but I can happily report it's been more than two years since me and my Java Chip have had a date. I do miss him though...

Quote of the Day: You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. Beverly Sills


Anonymous said...

I really don't respond well to "do you really need that?" either. It's insulting and patronizing. I grew up with a whole lot of that, makes me snappy.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Thank you for that Beverly Sills quote. Love it! C

Chris H said...

You mentioned in a comment to me toady that clay ruins manicures... my question is "What bloody manicure?"... Me nails are crappy anyway! ha ha ha!

Bobbie's Babbles said...

just julie - i love the way you said it makes you "snappy".

chris- my point exactly!

Your brother said...

Well, I still do visit that section of the supermarket ... and have done so ever since YOU brought one of those quarts to my home freezer. And to this day, I'm still thanking you! THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER! I have to admit, I'm not addicted. And yet, I believe it's the only ice cream that should be sold to the public. Funny, it's been forever since I went searching for it or wanted any, but this past weekend I made a beeline to where the Java Chip used to be stored and in it's place I saw a little pint of Starbucks Java Chip Frappacino ... What the hell is that??? I had to buy it to find out and fortunately, I've concluded it's just a name change. Funny though, I think I must be changing and growing. I had one spoonful, said "yes, this is the same good stuff", and put the pint back in the freezer. What's up with that?!