Monday, February 15, 2010

#87 Ephiphany 101

I'm on my daily power walk the other day and I ask my walking partner du jour how her sister in law is doing [about 2 months ago she had a heart attack (at 47) and during her recuperation and perhaps because of her age, health status, and family she had an epiphany]. My friend says that she's doing well and that she's planning on calling her because it's been about 10 days since they spoke and she wants to see if she's still in "epiphany mode".

That got me thinking......Why do we get inspired or epiphanized and then forget or fall off the proverbial wagon? What happened between the OMG and a day later? A week later? A month later? What can we do to hold onto that feeling so that we don't lose it? Well, to help you and me, I came up with some ideas.

First, you need to share your ah ha with someone[s]. Second, you need to remind yourself of that ah ha by leaving yourself notes, phone messages, unwritten signs [like a red ribbon on your pantry door], meaningful books, etc. Third, if your epiphany is about weight, leave your favorite jeans or bathing suit out of the closet and make a schedule of trying them on [like every Monday].

And last, make a pact with someone[s]. Ask them to call, text or email you every 2 days with the specific question: How are you are doing? This way if the feeling is there, but beginning to wane, a chit chat may re-inspire you. She/He can remind you about your ah ha and how good you felt at that time. Also a short review of the conversation you both had at the time of your ah ha may kick start your puttering motor. Pick someone you feel comfortable talking to. Someone who doesn't mind making and/or receiving the calls.

Whomever you chose to share your feelings with will be the person [or are the people] that will hopefully get you back on track. Good luck and never give up!

Quote of the Day: "I cannot live without eating spaghetti every day!" Sophia Loren


Michael Rivers said...

Very good advice! This year for my new year's goals, I wrote them down along with steps/suggestions for completing the goals. When each month ends, I'm going to sit down and evaluate how I'm doing with each goal. I think if I keep the goals fresh in my mind, I'll be better at completing them!

Your Brother said...

OMG, Bobbie. This babble really talked to me. I'm reading it and saying, "Yes, yes, yes!" to the computer. You may have to be my friendly reminder. I'll tell you more about it when I get to Philly, but it's something I want to play with over the Summer (only one class and no real pressure from looming exams). My "A HA" has been there, lurking in the dark recesses of my mind. Thanks for canoodling it out of the shadows for the full frontal, "I'm still here" assault. Good to know my "A HA" still gets me excited.

Ellen said...

Great ideas on how to sustain the momentum of the epiphany!

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog post here because I have had many of these moments during medical school. Sometimes there would be this "aha" moment and then the day after I would just go back to the old ways. Keep up the great work with your articles and please stop by my health blog sometime. The web address is

Wendy B said...

I've found that "A HA" moments are usually break-throughs that come up after you've been pondering a life situation or behavior for a long time. I think that once you have the epiphany you can never go back...but sometimes don't know how to let go of your old ways of thinking or behaving. Your advice about keeping the "a ha" alive is excellent! Sometimes an immediate step has to be taken (like dumping the friends that are bringing you down)...but most of the time it's trusting in yourself and your intuition that what you discovered is your truth and it's time to live up to it!

lauralei said...

we all need more aha moments - i find writing is a great tool to gain more of those moments - and reading other people's ramblings always helps too.