Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#113 Candy Corn - How I Love Thee

Note to Reader: This babble was posted originally in 2008 and again last year around Halloween. Nothing has's September 26th and I've already gotten into the candy corn [6 days later than last year]. And, once again I'm blaming my daughter... she brought it into the house!

Every year around this time I do something terrible. I buy candy corn. I know you're thinking how terrible can that be? Well, I just don't buy candy corn, I crave it. And once I start eating it, it's very hard to stop. Sometimes, before I even know it, I've popped 10 sweet kernels into my mouth, and as the 11th goes in, I begin to get the shakes and feel nauseous. It's usually when I'm feeling this way that I question my sanity [Aren't there better things to crave?]. What's amazing though, is that once Halloween is over, I can pass candy corn in any venue and have absolutely no desire for it. I mean zilch. If offered to me, I can very easily say - no thank you.

This year, however, things started out a tiny bit differently than previous years. This year I started buying my candy drug in September. I usually wait till at least the first week in October, but for some reason [I'll guess an emotional one] I allowed myself a small bag of Brach's candy corn. On the 4th day, when that last kernel was eaten, I contemplated the possibility that I had gotten them out of my system early.

NOT! About a week later, I arrived home to find a package from UPS on my porch. I opened it and there inside was a small bag of candy corn. Sooooo sweet!!! Not the corn, but my 12 year old daughter. Being the understanding, wonderful and nurturing person she is, she sent me a care package. To make a long story short, I OD'd on them the second day and had to head upstairs for a sugar-induced nap. During my afternoon siesta, my husband told my daughter to go hide the candy corn and to dole it out sparingly... and only if I begged. Humph!! I don't know at whom I'm angrier? My daughter for buying it, my husband for hiding it, or me for my lack of control over it.

Fortuitously [or not], I found the stash of candy corn. As I was sitting at my desk this afternoon answering emails and munching on my drug of choice, I dropped a few. Iggy, our adopted dog, knows that when something drops he has to wait for permission to eat it otherwise he would be eating buttons, staples, you name it. Well, you'll never believe what happened. The minute Iggy saw what had fallen, he lunged for those 3 yellow, orange and white tipped sweeties. I swear, we had a fist to paw fight over them.

As I sat there staring at my dog and three lost candy corn, it came to me in a flash: Oh my G-d, Iggy's previous owners had turned him into a candy corn addict!!! I smiled... it's nice to have a junkie buddy.

Quote of the Day: "The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too stong to be broken" Samuel Johnson


Jeanie said...

I laughed and laughed when I read this because I have the same addiction...I LOVE CANDY CORN. I have resisted buying some so far, but I think you have just pushed me over the edge. I may have to go get some just for our dog, Dodger. He is suffering his first little broken heart right now and it just seems like the least I can do to help him through it.

Chris H said...

Yum! my wee dogs eat all my snacks too... sooo not good for them... or ME!
I love candy corn too.

Michael Rivers said...

One of my favorite snacks for October is candy corn mixed with salted peanuts. A very dangerous combo!

Denise said...

It's funny what we crave. I can pass on candy corn and sugary candy, but it's a challenge to resist the ice-cream-before-bed snack. At least Halloween is only once a year!

Chris H said...

EXCELLENT try chick! But the winner will be selected randomly on SUNDAY (Your saturday)... lol! But thanks for the glowing words, that was nice and brought a smile to me face.

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I really don't think its the candy corn. Most of us are addicted to sugar and once you start that faucet running its hard to cut it off. Sugar is a drug as most people go through withdrawal if they don't get it.