Monday, April 28, 2008


I was watching a program last night. One of the woman subjects was a very attractive person who was probably about 50-60 pounds overweight. Although she is an attorney and has all the confidence she needs in the courtroom, she is extremely insecure and has absolutely no self confidence when it comes to her body and to herself. She would look in the mirror and tell herself that she was fat and ugly, that her ass was gigantic and that nobody would want her because of these things. The psychiatrist told her to think of a movie star that she thought was beautiful. Then she looked in the mirror as that movie star and he asked her what she saw. She said confidence, beauty, self worth, etc. He then had her put her body in that movie star's and said that she needed to see those things in herself every morning when she looked in the mirror. She needed to wash her face, brush her teeth and then step in front of the mirror in all her glory and see what she saw when she was the movie star. I believe they followed her for about 12 weeks and then had her on the show. She told the audience that she felt much, much better about herself and that doing this exercise has helped her immensely. She's more self confident outside the courtroom and when shopping for clothing she didn't cringe when she was trying on outfits. She said that she does the mirror exercise every morning and that as a by product of this new found "person" she has lost 12 pounds and feels happier than she has in many years.

So, this morning I washed my face, brushed my teeth and then weighed myself. Not too good. I had a very busy weekend with parties and lots of food and drink. Seeing my weight was a little distressing and disappointing to say the least, but I put on a happy face and thought is could have been A LOT worse.

I turned away from the scale and tried to picture a person that I thought was very attractive both inside and out. Someone who I thought showed confidence and happiness in herself and her life. Then, in all my glory I looked in the full length mirror and did the exercise as above. I told myself that I had a wonderful body and that I should love it and take care of it and to not sabotage what I was given. I told myself that other women would love my round bottom and thick legs [I've heard those with really skinny ankles complain], that my breasts weren't yet sagging enough to upset me and that my shoulders, deltoids and biceps were in good shape. I then finished getting dressed and went for a power walk. Now you know I am queen of what I call "objective and honest self criticism". I know my strengths and weaknesses, my assets and flaws. Interestingly, I have felt great all day. Honestly. Even knowing the number on the scale, I felt great. And, not only have I felt great all day, but I felt like I looked great too. I liked the way my hair blew out this morning, my skin was cooperating, my eyes weren't red and itchy [I'm having spring problems], and the one pair of jeans that I fit into right now felt good.

So, I say give this a chance. You may be thinking that I'm more susceptible than others, but I really doubt that. I have tried on three separate occasions to be hypnotized and never once did it work. All I can say is try this. It doesn't cost anything. You don't have to buy anything. You don't have to go anywhere. Give it a shot.

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