Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, the Passover Seders are over and although I banked my calories both days knowing that the dinners would be high calorie and salty ones... I still overate. And in doing so, I chose not to get on the scale for the last three days. I can't truly answer why I didn't weigh myself, but I can tell you that sentences like, 'scared what I might see' would be a good reason. Can one really hide from the truth? Remember that saying I shared in group? The one that goes, "what you eat in private shows in public". Why do we think that hiding our eating literally and/or figuratively or hiding ourselves from the scale will negate the calories ingested and the consequences of those calories? And curiously, I'll never know if the 5 mile power walk on Friday or the 5 mile run/walk I did on Sat. or the 5 mile power walk I did on Sunday or the 5 mile power walk I did today or all the water I drank helped me lose weight or kept my weight stable over this holiday weekend.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we have to own up to our choices, that the consequences be they good or bad aren't really going to change what we are striving for in the long run. However, just because we don't acknowledge what we do, doesn't mean that we can get away with it. That eating healthy, feeling good, being in control of our food choices and losing weight are ultimately what we want. A weekend of eating is a short term set back. It's o.k. to "hide" as long as we continue to strive towards our ultimate goal. If your eating is "bad", keep drinking your water, keep exercising, use the scale as you see fit and grasp control at the earliest possible moment!!!

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