Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#63 Bobbie is Babbling

Singing The Calorie Blues

I was recently in NYC and realized that if I lived there, I might starve... or become very, very healthy. This realization had nothing to do with how much I walked, nor the prices at restaurants. This OMG moment happened at a corner deli when I noticed extra numbers next to the prices and realized that they were calories. It seems that restaurant chains [those with 3 or more eating establishments] are required to post the calories for the food they serve Since I now know exactly how many calories are in a NY bagel [without butter] and a plain slice of pizza, I'm thinking of never allowing these foods to pass by my lips again. Yeah right!!

Born Round

Funny and thought provoking book about a guy [Frank Bruni, food critic] who tells his story about being born "round". This got me thinking about big babies. Some people are just born big, or big boned, but does their continued bigness have to do with the amount of food they eat? Does one thing "feed off" the other? My son was born big, almost 9 pounds. He was my chunky toddler, and I shopped in the husky departments until he had his growth spurt. He is now 5'10" and slim. Unlike Bruni though, my son's eating habits were that of a normal person... he stopped when he was full - like after eating a half a brownie. Bruni shares that even as a little kid, he would "scream for seconds". It makes me wonder: Are you born with the "big gene"? Are you big because you eat a lot? Do you eat a lot because you're big?

I know young kids who are very overweight, who crave food and sweets, and actually cry when they don't get enough food or can't get the food they really want. So, for all my food issues, I'm so happy that this one passed me by. Emotional eating is bad enough, but to have a physiological need that starts young, well, that's just a major bummer!

We Have No Chance

How can we not think about food when "it" is all around us. Just look at these sayings and see how ingrained foodisms are in our lives.

You are what you eat
Eat like there's no tomorrow
She drinks like a fish
Now that's hard to swallow
Hungry like the wolf
Nourishing our souls
Brain food
Food for thought
Thirst for knowledge
Hungry for adventure
Quench your desires

See what I mean? If there were as many sayings to do with sex as there are to do with food, well, uh, then, I would be thinking about other things besides food ... which would actually make my husband very happy. Perhaps my next babble will have a list of sayings that are sex driven. Hello out there -- I may need some help!

Who Knew?

In my freshman year, one of my professors said to the class, "everyone is beautiful". I sat there with my small mind thinking that we must be seeing different people. Over these many years though, I have learned differently. I now search out that type of beauty. I've learned that some people have a special type of beauty that others are blind to, but that are transformative to both that person and the viewer. Click on this link to be inspired, to see a life being changed, to see others transformed, to see the recognition that someone can really be "beautiful" when minutes before, it was hidden.

Quote of the Day: "The most common reason we stumble into the delusion of powerlessness is that we're afraid of what other people would do if we were to act as we wanted" Martha Beck (author)


Anonymous said...

No, food's not going away, nor is sex, we just have to learn to live and be comfortable around it, and not eat too much for the wrong reasons. I'd happily have more sex, less food, if I had the choice.

Bobbie's Babbles said...

Amen to that justjuliebean

Michael Rivers said...

Great blog! I'm glad my comment on John and Steve's blog made you laugh. I try to make my own fun like that.

About the calories posted on menus. A couple years back, the chain Ruby Tuesday tried that. It didn't last. Their sales dropped by leaps and bounds. I remember seeing the burger I normally ate had 72 grams of fat--not counting the fries.

So they scrapped the "know what you are eating" menu and went back to the "what you don't know won't hurt you" menu.