Friday, September 25, 2009

#66 Body Protuberances

While perusing the Internet for my daily dose of news the other day, an article's title caught my attention. It said, "Young Designer Uses 'Normal-Sized' Models at London Fashion Week - Casting Director and Stylist Walk Out". It seems that this young Canadian designer, Marc Fast, mixed in normal sized models [US sizes 8-10] with his toothpick strutters against the wishes of the casting director and stylist. When asked why he did this, he explained that he was trying to show that his form-fitting knit wear looks good not only on the slim and slender, but can also be worn by the "everyday" gal.

Well, Marc honey, I am that everyday gal. I wear a size [US] 6 or 8 depending on the designer and the style, and I can tell you, Sweetie, that when it comes to clingy knitwear, the "normal" body with its curves and protuberances just doesn't look as good as the slim and bulge-less. I'm not talking skeletal, as in [US] negative zero, nor am I saying that we [the collective we] look bad. I'm just saying that we don't look "as good", like we forgot to put on our full-body spanks or something.

What can I say? It's just my opinion. When I look in magazines and see plus size or normal size females modeling dresses, slacks, skirts and jeans, I honestly don't like the outfit as much as when I see a "model" wearing them. And, the answer is so simple: Fantasy!! Along with a little Desire and Hope thrown in. I want to believe that when I put on those slacks, silk blouse, suede boots, and chunky funky belt, that I will look [exactly] like Jessica Alba or Cindy Crawford or Halle Berry. I mean for crying out loud, I have brown hair and brown eyes too, ya know!

Which brings me to my next rant. I love reading medical studies. Especially the ones now reporting that a little extra fat is not such a bad thing. For example, in August, the Canadian Obesity Journal reported that a little extra weight can protect one against mortality, and that being too thin may be associated with a higher risk of death. Hmmm. Haven't we also read that people who reduce their calories to the point of starvation [while getting all their needed vitamins and nutrients of course] have a better chance of longevity, and with fewer instances of disease?

Are we confused? Baffled? Well, sure we are. How about a little red wine? Nope. Some studies believe that 'a glass a day keeps the doctor at bay' is false, and that no alcohol is best. How about some caffeine. Nope. This too is under question. It seems that one cup of Joe is just one too many, and I read a BLOG a few weeks ago that reminded me of the "no fat" diet craze that was later proven to be way off base. These studies that make our brains ping pong back and forth make me nuts. Nu?

What I've decided is that moderation has to be the answer. Too much, or too little for that matter, are just not specific enough. I'm waiting for the study that says, 3 scoops of ice cream are better for you than 2 scoops because after 3 scoops you are full and satisfied, but after 2 scoops, "studies show" that the average person is still unsatisfied -- which may lead them back to the freezer for additional scoopage. Best to play it safe with 3 scoops... don't you think?

Quote of the Day: "There's no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream" -Author unknown


Michael Rivers said...

I totally agree! Too much, not enough, none at all, just a bit, only on weekends, not after 7pm, don't exceed. It makes my head spin. Somewhere there is a study that can support anything!!

Moderation is a very good strategy!

Marc said...

Great babble Bobbie Doll!

Chris H said...

PPPPfffft! Me Potty Mouthed? NEVER! lol

Anonymous said... - You might want to check this gizmo out.