Friday, May 15, 2009

#44 Where To Go For a Splurge

This mother's day, knowing what a Trekkie I am, my son decided that we should all go see the new Star Trek movie. I was happy to oblige, and so I didn't have to cook dinner, it was decided that we would would eat at a restaurant near the theater. As we drove past a line of eateries, the kids pointed to Red Robin and asked if we could eat there. I have never been to a Red Robin and so was willing to give it a shot. If you ever pass a Red Robin, heed these words -- "just keep going".

If there is one place where you can go on this earth and get everything and anything BAD [that tastes so good], that would be Red Robin. I'm jumping ahead of myself by saying I felt like a bloated cow after dinner. Moo! I looked over the menu to see what wouldn't be too horrible and then looked over the menu again trying to find something that would be just horrible, but not too horrible. In the end, Marc and I decided to share a salad and a burger. I told him to go ahead and pick whatever he wanted and I would be fine. Well it's weeks later and I'm still dreaming about that burger... and the dessert I was too embarrassed to admit that I wanted.

Now for the good news. The burger was amazing [groan, sigh] - especially for someone like me who usually orders a plain burger with lettuce and tomato [hold the bun, no fries please]. It was a buffalo burger [that's right, the animal] topped with a gigantic onion ring and barbeque sauce. Honestly, the flavor of those three ingredients was enough for me to ponder asking Marc to hand over his half of the burger. When I started typing this babble, I decided that I would post photos of the food we ate and the dessert I was still craving. As I was perusing the Red Robin menu, I came across a link that offers the nutritional value of the food items on the menu. BIG Mistake.

Now for the bad news. I decided to only post my half of the nutritional values because if I was to post the total values, I might have a return of the heartburn that plagued me most of that Sunday night. Here goes: The 1/2 burger: 503 calories, 49 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber and 40 grams of carbohydrates. Add the 1/2 salad to my half burger and the few fries [ok, more than a few, less than a lot] and my meal came close to 1200 calories, 93 grams of fat, 9 grams of fiber and 78 grams of carbs. No wonder America has a problem. Had I gotten my dessert, the mile high mud pie, which we would have [potentially] split 4 ways, add another 300 calories and another 17 grams of fat. Oink!. I had a collosal freakout when I saw this - considering that I eat between 1200 and 1400 calories a day.

Allow me a minute or two on my soap box. The salad that Marc and I shared had shredded fried onions, grated cheese and chicken with some kind of sauce on it. A 1000 calorie salad? Let's get real. Did you know that Red Robin offers seconds on fries for free? Eating this type of food is BAD!! Let me just say for the record that I'm not picking on Red Robin. It's all restaurants that serve food like this. Let me also add here that the restaurant was so crowded that there was a 20" wait for a table. I think there should be some type of warning at the door that tells you right up front that this food is dangerous, risky and perilous [if eaten more than once a month] to your health. I don't care if there are 2 or 3 or even 4 "healthy" items on the menu. Obviously, it's not those items that people go to these restaurants for, and if I'm going to order one of those healthy meals, then wouldn't I want my kids to have something healthy too?

Alas, my soap box raving isn't going to stop anyone from going to the Red Robin or any similar restaurants, nor stop them from eating 1200-2000 calorie meals. Perhaps, though, I can instill this thought with those reading this babble. A splurge every once in a while is fine. I like to splurge. Actually, I love to splurge!! Red Robin, and other restaurants like it, should be considered a place where you go for a splurge. However, I worry. My worry is that people who go to Red Robin, et al. treat these places as their home away from home. In any case, what I have learned from my RR experience is this; NEVER go on a restaurant site to search for nutritional information... after the fact.

Quote of the day: "I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work"
Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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