Sunday, May 3, 2009

#40 Call Me the Fertility Angel

One method of exercising that helped me lose weight, and now helps me maintain my weight loss has been power walking. Sometimes I intersperse it with some light jogging. Most of my friends and co-walkers know that I am religious about this and that I "pray" during all seasons and in any type of weather. Luckily for me, there is a park near my home that has a paved 1.7 mile walking and biking path. Even when it's raining, I can do 2 or 3 laps and be protected by the tree canopy. When I don't go to the park, I have a 2.5 neighborhood walking loop. I also clock my times so that I can work on improving my speed. However, prior to becoming this psycho-techno-power walker, I was just a young woman who loved to walk for the great feeling it gave me and for the enjoyment of doing it with my walking buddy. Ok, maybe also for a little bit of assistance in the weight department.

Back when I first started walking, about 13 years ago, I didn't really know that many people in my neighborhood, and when I met a neighbor who lived down the road, I pretty much pounced on her and begged her to walk with me at 6:30 am 3 days a week. She agreed [oh happy day] and to this day, Fran is the fastest walking partner I've ever had. Off we went and depending on the weather, we were either bundled up in our ski coats or stripped down to shorts and tanks. Over the 2 years that we walked, we really got to know each other. Alas, Fran [and I guess her husband too] decided that they wanted to have a third child and no matter how hard I begged her not to [and trust me, I came up with every reason not to have another], they went along and had their Jenny. I lost my walking partner, but gained a wonderful friend.

A couple of months later, Marc and I were at a function at my son's preschool and I saw this woman who I had casually met weeks earlier. Pointing at her with my chin, I said to Marc; "See that women over there? She just had a baby about 6 months ago. I bet she would be a good walking partner". I was too shy to go over to her, but sent Marc instead to "pick her up" for me. He went over, started chatting and then brought her back to where I was standing. To this day Marc and I joke that -- 'he snaked her and I baked her'. Anyway, I digress... so this woman and I chat about the kids and school, and then I hesitantly ask her [probably on my knees, but I really can't remember] if she would like to walk with me at 6:30 am 3 days a week. She said she would love to, and off we went. I'll admit, what she lacked in Fran's speed, she made up in entertainment. Our 45" walk flew by with her stories and laughter. About a year into our time together, Beth [and I guess her husband too] decided that they wanted to have a third child. I begged her not to get pregnant and told her how great she looked a year after her daughter's birth, and how hard three kids were and everything I could think of, but to no avail. I lost my second walking partner to baby Jordan, but gained a "summer sister".

I began to feel like the fertility angel. Just walk with Bobbie and you'll have a baby. By this time, I was very into walking and really liked all the benefits I derived from it. I could eat almost anything I wanted [within reason], still maintain my weight, keep my legs toned, be outside and I could exercise pretty much on my own time. I'll admit though, it did get lonely after a while and so I started to hunt for my next partner. I'll cut to the chase, Donna was almost as fast as Fran and was a great conversationalist, but after about 18 months, she too decided that a baby she must have [and I guess her husband felt this way too], and once again I lost my walking partner to baby Ruby.

Walking, with jogging intervals, has become so much part of my routine that I really miss it when I don't go. There are mornings when it's still dark out and I just want to curl up and go back to sleep, but I know if I don't get my walk in before 9 am, it will never happen. And, once I'm out there and on the go, I know my that my reward is a cup of McKinley Market coffee with a dollop of 1/2 and 1/2, a wonderful endorphin high, and most important, knowing that I did something healthy and good for me. These days, my walking partner is a book on my iphone and Iggy, my energetic willing-to-go-anytime-anywhere mutt. He never oversleeps, is always ready and waiting for our power walk, and keeps the pace up by gently pulling on the lead when I slow down. What more could a person ask for in a walking partner? By the way, no worries, Iggy's neutered!!!

Quote of the day: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" Maya Angelou

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vicki said...

If you decide you want human company again, try a male partner.