Tuesday, May 12, 2009

#43 A Mother's Day Babble

I wrote this letter to my mom on her 65th birthday. To honor her this Mother's Day, I am sending this letter out into cyberspace for all to see. I try to be a good daughter. Sometimes I can be a bit 'trying' I'm sure, but hopefully in her heart, she knows what she means to me.

Dear Mom,

Being a mother myself, I understand you much better. Mommies make sacrifices, although I think sacrifice is a bad word. When I sacrifice, it is something that just comes naturally. I feel the stress of these sacrifices, but not the regret nor anger at having to give something up for my children. I never felt this emotion from you. You taught me well.

Mommies love unconditionally. I've never really expected anything from my children. Well, maybe good behavior, honesty, politeness, hard work and kindness to name a few, but a lack of these things wouldn't take away my love from them. In my eyes, they are perfect. When I wasn't doing well in school, was overweight, or let you down, I never felt your love leave. You taught me well.

Mommies spend time with you when they really want to be doing something else. I feel lucky that you weren't a "working" mom. It was nice to know that you were there for me, even when I didn't need you to be. I never really felt "unavailability" from you. I try to do that for Logan and Erica, although I do believe they are busier than I. You took the time to teach me things that you enjoyed while at the same time, teaching me to find the enjoyment in doing. I hope to pass this on. You taught me well.

You taught me about marriage and family. You told me the type of man I should look for.... even though I ignored your advice for almost 10 years. You told me to get rid of the Romeo romances and find a best friend. You never gave me classes or homework, but by example, you showed the give and take in a working relationship. I learned from you the importance of making time for your family. You showed me that a united front builds confidence in one's children so that they know that they are safe. You taught me well.

As life is a collection of memories, some which fade and others that last, the strongest are those examples of your character that have made me the complete person I am today. Thank you mom, you taught me well.

May you continue to teach me well for many years to come. Happy Mother's Day

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Your brother said...

Although not a "mommy" and although I'm without children, I couldn't agree with you more in what we were taught and I couldn't have said it better.