Monday, March 15, 2010

#94 Cell Phone Chit Chat

I recently read an article in the Oprah Magazine by Dr. Oz. The topic, how to avoid cell phone dangers, caught my eye. Almost everyone over the age of 10 seems to have a phone, and I've heard and read that many young adults no longer keep a land line, but instead, use their cell phones. Because I have two teenagers who will have grown up using cellphones, I want to help them be smart about technology; the good, the bad and the ugly. So, I think it's important not to just find out what and if there are potential dangers to using a cell phone, but also be educated about the best ways to care for ourselves and loved ones.

Dr. Oz explains to the reader about a form of electromagnetic radiation called RF [radiofrequency]. In the article, he sites a number of studies. One study, completed in 1995, found increased risk of brain tumors in rats from RF. However, other studies show conflicting data. For example, in 2009, the Danish Cancer Society was unable to corroborate the findings showing that RF increases one's chances of brain tumors or brain cell damage. This reminds me of a story I read a number of years ago about the speed detectors that Policemen use. It seems that a police officer, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer, believed his cancer was probably caused by the speed catcher that sat in his lap when he wasn't using it. What this tells me, and what Dr. Oz recommends, is to reduce your exposure to potential dangers as much as possible... be they radiation, toxins, malodorous substances and/or chemicals.

Here are his recommendations for limiting exposure to cell phone radiation:

1. Use a headset or speakerphone - "One study shows that using a headset lowers radiation exposure eightfold."

2. Keep your phone out of your pants pocket - [paraphrased] Cleveland Clinic study found that RF from cell phones kept in pockets lowers fertility in men and an article in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery linked cell phone radiation to decreased bone density.

3. Stop talking while driving - "Using your phone in the car causes it to jump between wireless towers. Since RF is highest when a connection with a tower is first established, talking while traveling can increase exposure."

4. Don't chat with a poor signal - "The harder your phone has to work to get reception, the more radiation it emits. You should also avoid using the so-called radiation shields; they actually force the phone to transmit at a higher power."

5. Limit children's use - "Kids have a thinner skull, and their brains are still developing - which may make them more vulnerable to any potential harmful effects of RF radiation."

6. Don't wear wireless headsets as if they were jewelry - "Earpieces don't emit as much radiation as a phone, but they release some. Remove the device between conversations."

Any other recommendations? Suggestions? All comments welcome!

Quote of the Day: "Alternative viewpoints can be just as useful in treating illness, only we don't hear about them as often." Christine Northrup, MD


Alix said...

As much as I am a yaklebox in person, I detest talking on the phone - including the cell variety. In fact, I find texting more appropriate most of the time. I mean, why have a long drawn out conversation when a couple of keystrokes will do? I guess maybe I'm safe then?

Thanks for the info, Bobbie.

Michael Rivers said...

I often think about this. I haven't used had a land line for almost 9 years. My phone is always within reach of me. It's scary when you wonder what we're exposing ourselves to.

arshad said...

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watch your trainer said...

I heard about this years ago and bought a headset that blocks out emr but i rarely use it. I need to use it!!Thanks for reminding me!!!

Bobbie's Babbles said...

Just read this article. Thought I'd share it.